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10 Great Blogger Temper Tantrums April 26, 2007

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Wednesday, after too many consecutive hours in front of the computer, I succumbed to a blogger rant about Web 2.0. My post is tepid and probably the least interesting thing I’ve written on this blog. I am completely embarassed about it. But to my chagrin, it is receiving steady traffic. Possibly because I list the names of several dozen companies in the rant… Yikes!I suppose what I can learn from this lesson is a well known point. Nothing drives traffic like controversy. Whether or not you’re blogging anything remotely accurate, the mere whiff of a fight sends all the children running across the playground to view the spectacle. And the strangest part is, no matter how cruel or inappropriate a blogger is (and regretably I include myself here), their blog nearly always benefits from the increased traffic, links, SERP, rankings, and discussion. It got me thinking and I decided to compile some earlier posts to create…

10 Great Blogger Temper Tantrums

10. The immensely popular and likable Robert Scoble of created an avalanche when he lashed out against big gadget sites (like Engadget and Gizmodo) for not linking to other blogs. The response was overwhelming. Michael Arrington of Techcrunch wrote a sympathetic post entitled, Wow, Scoble Just Threw Himself Under a Bus. To his credit, Scoble’s post did force large gadget sites to come forward and open an active dialogue about link stinginess.

9. Peter Parker’s Livejournal blog received 1679 Diggs for posting that Wikipedia admins are malicious liers. Maybe it’s just me, but I scoured his blog meticulously and don’t see any overwhelming evidence. Still, the accusation alone is enough to fuel a Digg storm. Parker is certainly passionate in his beliefs and believes he is doing the right thing. He deserves a place on the list for creating an entire blog for one rant!

8. WebLogs founder Jason Calacanis fueled a frenzy by posting Alexa is 100% Wrong And You Can Game it With as Few as Three Macs. Dozens of bloggers including (ahem) yours truly, jumped in to prove Calacanis 100% wrong. But this only succeeds in driving more links and traffic back to Calacanis, the master puppeteer!

7. Jeremy Zawodny got really upset when MyBlogLog ran a Zune promotion to encourage user signups. I read Jeremy every day on my feed and enjoy his honest and candid approach. He decided he overreacted, apologized to Andy and the MyBlogLog guys, and to his credit, Jeremy left the post live for posterity.

6. Microsoft Employee Dare Obasanjo vandalized the Wikipedia TechCrunch Article and blogged about it, in retaliation for Michael Arrington’s relatively innocuous comments on TechCrunch. Arrington had reported on Microsoft paying a Wikipedian to alter Microsoft articles on Wikipedia. As a journalist, Arrington did not appreciate being bullied by a Microsoft employee. I couldn’t resist blogging the entire Microsoft/TechCrunch fiasco because it’s so bizarre, sad, and fascinating.

5. This is not a temper tantrum so much as another interesting example of Jason Calacanis’s ability to set off a firestorm. Calacanis posted that he had a dinner with Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales, in which Wales stated he would refuse to allow ads on Wikipedia. This prompted a blogosphere revolt against 1) Wales, for presuming to have the authority to dictate Wikipedia policy and 2) Calacanis, for wanted to put ads on Wikipedia in the first place. Jimmy Wales put the controversy to rest when he blogged that he didn’t remember meeting Jason Calacanis, and he never claimed to speak for the Wikipedia community.

4. This Hacker was banned from WordPress after posting a list of popular Blogs he was going to attack. He got as far as before being banned.

3. Some people don’t like TechCrunch, just because it’s the second most popular Web 2.0 Blog in the world. Sometimes the internet is like high school, where people can hate you just because you’re beautiful. I’m not going to link to the following hate sites, just sadly point out that they exist… sh*

2. Jason Calacanis ran Netscape and is clearly a smart guy. When he posted Why People Hate SEO and Why SMO is Bulls**t he must have known there would be fallout. Bloggers across the internet rushed to give Jason the smackdown. But it was SEO-Jedi ShoeMoney who understood that Calacanis had played the SEO crowd like a fiddle, creating a ton of linkbacks and beating the SEO guys at their own game.

1. And the number one blogger tantrum goes to Yasir Anwar for his post, Henrey Blodget Is a Two Faced A**Hole. I first checked out Yasir’s blog in September, and he normally writes a sedate and carefully researched finance blog. However, in this late Saturday Night post, Anwar calls Blodget an “A**HOLE”, a “Son of a B****”, and “wishes [Blodget] would get run over by a truck.” Anwar was responding to Blodget’s nasty remarks on Jim Cramer being a crazy financial huckster. Yasir calls Blodget a hypocrit, seeing as Blodget is banned for life from the securities industry. Again, to Yasir’s credit, he has left the post up and judging from user comments, people seem to agree with him. 


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